Funding for the Future

Why Give?

Our community needs Jesus; He is the answer to every question asked and every problem faced. At Foothills Pregnancy Care Center we are taking a stand, holding firm and pointing young men and women to the real solution… Jesus!  As we extend our mission to this community, our focus on the Gospel has become more intentional each and every day. The results have been even greater than imagined or anticipated.  Lives of the unborn are being saved, mommies are giving their lives to Jesus and we are blessed to have a front row seat to the work God is doing in our community.  ​A friend of mine once said “ministry is messy” and we see that lived out every day in the lives of our clients. As we embrace the undeserved privilege of offering Hope, Healing and Help to the lost in our community, it hurts to know that we will not save every mommy, every family or every baby.  However, with your help, we will do everything we can to save the next one! All of our services at Foothills Pregnancy Care Center are free, however, there is a cost associated with pointing families to the Creator of Life. When you become a Partner in Hope, you offset the cost of doing ministry. Every ultrasound and pregnancy screening costs us something, but the cost of doing nothing is much greater. I pray that you will give to support continued life change in our community. If you have any questions about giving to FPCC call us at 864-882-8796.​

All Donations are

Tax Deductible

As a 501c3 non-profit for religious purposes Foothills Pregnancy Care Center receives no funding from the federal, state or local government. We depend on churches, businesses and individuals from our community to support the vision and needs of the ministry.